2014 Agenda

Monday - February 10th

11:30 AM TO
12:00 PM

Conference Registration

12:00 PM TO
1:00 PM

Luncheon Reception

1:00 PM TO
1:15 PM

Conference Welcome

Breakout Introduction/Discussion Overview

Opening Remarks:

Robert Ackerman
Founder & Managing Director – Allegis Capital
Chairman – Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Conference

Breakout Introduction Overview:

Patty Burke
Partner & Co-Founder

1:15 PM TO
1:30 PM

Afternoon Break

Attendee Transfer To Breakout Discussion Rooms

1:30 PM TO
3:00 PM

Interactive CV&I Breakout Discussions

Breakout Rooms Designated By Topic Area
Led By Seasoned Practitioners and Investors

Breakout Discussion Format:
Case study illustrations based on history and experience, followed by open Q&A discussion for group input.


  • Managing through organizational and executive management changes
    • Moderator: Reese Schroeder, Managing Director – Motorola Solutions Venture Capital
  • Metrics that matter: Measuring the strategic impact of venturing and innovation
  • Best practices for CVC board members and observers
    • Moderator: Rimas Kapeskas, Managing Director – UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund
  • Leveraging BU/Venture Relationships: Ensuring full value realization from corporate investments
    • Moderator: Kevin Jacques, Director, Corporate Strategy & Development – Intuit
  • Building in customer input to investment strategies
  • Changes in transaction best practices: Hot trends in term sheets
    • Moderator: Galen Mason, Special Counsel – Foley & Lardner
  • Exit planning: Maximizing strategic and financial value from your portfolio
    • Moderator: Maxwell Kahn, Managing Director – Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
  • Monetizing internal ideas: Business plan competition programs that work
  • Integrating incubation and CVC strategies
    • Moderator: Pieter Wolters, Managing Director, Venturing & Licensing – DSM
  • Research and Planning for Establishing a Corporate Venture Capital Group
    • Moderator: Egbert Bierman, SVP, Group Business Development – Aegon
  • Maximizing CVC/VC Relationships
3:00 PM TO
3:20 PM

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

3:20 PM TO
3:35 PM

CVIP Day 1 Kick Off & Chairman Opening Remarks

Attendees To Return To Grand Ballroom

Dominique Mégret
Head of Swisscom Ventures – Swisscom
Chairman – Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Conference

3:35 PM TO
4:15 PM

Inbound/Outbound: The Globalization Of Corporate Venturing

Opening Kick-Off Panel Discussion

Leading international-based CVC units active in the US will share insight on best practices (20 minute discussion)

Dominique Mégret
Head of Swisscom Ventures
Swisscom (European)

Claus Schmidt
Managing Director
Robert Bosch Venture Capital (European)

Jay Chong
Senior Director
Samsung Venture Investment

Leading US-based CVC units active internationally will discuss their strategy and activities (20 minute discussion)

Quinn Li
Vice President & Managing Director
North America
Qualcomm Ventures

Eileen Tanghal
Managing Director – Applied Materials
General Manager – Applied Ventures

Rob Rosenberg
New Venture Partners

John Park
Morgan Lewis & Bockius

4:15 PM TO
4:50 PM

Sustainability & Corporate Venture Capital: What role does sustainability have, if any, in the world of CVC?

Once regulated to compliance and then realizing efficiencies, sustainability is becoming a key driver for innovation, growth and even the right to operate. Sustainability in this context is social, environmental and economic. So, what is the role of sustainability in CVC? Does incorporating the sustainability agenda provide competitive advantage or is it just a ‘nice to have’? Is it even in our job description? This panel will debate and explore these issues at warp speed.

Kevin Phelan
Former Senior Vice President
Head of Target Neutral
BP America &
Principal – Clareo

Michael D. Smith
Vice President
Head of Constellation Technology Ventures

Avi Sahi
Strategic Investments & Innovation Partnerships

Peter J. Bryant
Partner – Clareo
Senior Fellow – Kellogg Innovation Network

4:50 PM TO
5:30 PM

Corporate Innovation and Venture Program Execution – In-house, 3rd Party, Hybrid?

CVC and Innovation programs continue to evolve. The panel will explore effective execution based on structure, resources and objectives, including examples of both collaborative and mis-aligned investment syndicates. What is common success behavior?

Bernhard Gold
Investment Director
T-Venture of America Inc.
Deutsche Telekom AG

George Hoyem

John Gardner
Managing Partner
Nokia Growth Partners

Vanessa Indriolo Vreeland
Senior Vice President
Managing Director of Private Equity
Fifth Third Bank

Mark Richey
Managing Director
West Capital Advisors

5:30 PM TO
6:30 PM

Welcome Cocktail Reception

Hosted By:

Morgan Lewis

6:30 PM TO
7:30 PM

Virgin Galactic: Creating and Building a New Global Industry

Special Evening Presentation

George Whitesides
CEO & President
Virgin Galactic

George Whitesides is the CEO and President of Virgin Galactic, the spaceflight company founded by Sir Richard Branson. Using technologies developed to win the historic X Prize, the company has developed revolutionary new space vehicles to take people and small satellites into space cost effectively. George will discuss how Virgin Galactic innovates to create and develop new global industries.

Tuesday - February 11th

7:00 AM TO
8:15 AM

Conference Registration & Continental Breakfast

7:30 AM TO
8:15 AM

Identifying And Communicating Your Strategic & Financial Benefits to the Corporate Parent

Breakfast Executive Forum (invitation only)

Invited participants will join us for this executive forum to exchange perspectives on a topic that challenges many organizations, leaders of innovation and corporate venture programs.

This rapid session will review feedback from the pre-conference survey and interviews, cover a group exercise, and allow participants to share key perspectives, providing an ideal opportunity to network with peers.

Prepared and facilitated by Andrew Gaule, Founder of Corven Networks

8:15 AM TO
8:20 AM

IBF Greeting

8:20 AM TO
8:45 AM

Opening Remarks

Robert Ackerman
Founder & Managing Director – Allegis Capital
Chairman – Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Conference

8:45 AM TO
9:10 AM

The Chief Innovation Officer and the Big Bang Disruption: A New Imperative

Opening Keynote Presentation

Presentation by:

Larry Downes
Author, Big-Bang Disruption: Strategy in the Age of Devastating Innovation

Larry Downes is an Internet industry analyst and author on developing business strategies in an age of accelerating technological disruption.

He is the co-author, with Paul F. Nunes, of Big Bang Disruption (Penguin Portfolio 2014). Based on extensive research, the book introduces a new kind of disruptive innovation and teaches executives across industries how to adjust their strategies to survive it.

His previous book, The Laws of Disruption: Harnessing the New Forces that Govern Business and Life in the Digital Age explored the accident-prone intersection of law and innovation.

Downes is also the author of the Business Week and New York Times business best-seller, Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies for Market Dominance, which was named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the five most important books ever published on business and technology.

He has held faculty appointments at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Northwestern University School of Law, and the University of California-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where he was Associate Dean of the School of Information.

He writes regularly for Forbes, Harvard Business Review and CNET, and is frequently quoted in media stories in both mainstream and trade outlets.

9:10 AM TO
9:45 AM

Reigniting Innovation - Andreessen Horowitz Speaks Out: New Methodologies Examined

Spotlight Keynote Discussion

Best practices and new methodologies used to cultivate talent and foster innovation will be shared. In-depth illustration on Andreessen Horowitz’s approach to working with corporate strategics to be delivered.

Jamie McGurk
Andreessen Horowitz

Facilitated by:
Deborah C. Hopkins
Chief Innovation Officer

9:45 AM TO
10:15 AM

Using Big Data for Corporate Innovation and Agility

Keynote Presentation

Jeanne Holm
Senior Innovation Evangelist
U.S. General Services Administration

As the evangelist for Data.gov, an open government flagship project for the White House, Jeanne Holm assists the public, educators, developers, and international and state governments in using open government data.

10:15 AM TO
11:00 AM

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

11:00 AM TO
11:35 AM

Autotech: Spotlight Session

Key Emerging Trends / Auto Industry Innovation Drivers

Toshiro Muramatsu
Director of Vehicle Information Technology Division

Dana Lowell
Open Innovation & Advanced Business Development

John Suh
Managing Director
Hyundai Ventures
Hyundai Motor Company

Derek Kerton
Autotech Council

11:35 AM TO
12:10 PM

Digital Health: Spotlight Interview

Naomi Fried
Chief Innovation Officer
Boston Children’s Hospital

Naomi Fried, Ph.D. is Boston Children’s Hospital’s first Chief Innovation Officer and is building and developing a program in clinical innovation, aimed at improving care quality and assisting the hospital in shaping the future of health care. Previously, she was the Vice President of Innovation and Advanced Technology at Kaiser Permanente (KP) where she led an effort to identify and assess new and emerging technology and trends in the delivery of care; chaired the board of its internal Innovation Fund for Technology, which provided funding for innovative technology projects within KP; formed and chaired KP’s Telehealth Working Group, which developed strategy for Kaiser in the emerging area of telehealth; and was involved in the start-up and governance of KP’s Innovation laboratory, the Sidney R. Garfield Center for Health Care Innovation. Prior to this position, she was Managing Director of KP’s Archimedes Project. Before KP, Naomi advised two venture capital firms on life science and health care information technology investments; served as the General Manager and Vice President for Business Development of 1747, Inc., which conducts online clinical trials for new drugs; and was instrumental in the formation of the medical informatics internet start-up company (e-SKOLAR, formerly SHINE) spun out of Stanford School of Medicine, serving as interim President for its first year. Naomi has a BS in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from MIT.

Interviewed by:
Lisa Suennen
Special Advisor – Psilos Group
Founder – Venture Valkyrie Consulting

12:10 PM TO
1:15 PM

Networking Luncheon Reception

1:15 PM TO
1:50 PM


Robert Scoble and Shel Israel to jointly present on some of the themes covered in the book  Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy.

In 2006, co-authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel wrote Naked Conversations, a book that persuaded business to embrace the emerging technological force that we now call Social Media.

View More

1:50 PM TO
2:25 PM

Thelander- CVI² Corporate Venture Compensation Update -The Bonus

Exclusively revealed first for those in attendance at CVIP, you will be the first to see the results of the recently released CVI² and J Thelander Consulting 2014 CVC Bonus Survey which supplements the ground-breaking CVI² – Thelander 2013 CVC Compensation Survey.

Presentation By:

Jody Thelander
Founder & CEO
J.Thelander Consulting

2:25 PM TO
2:45 PM

Sweet Bar & Networking Break

2:45 PM TO
3:20 PM

GE Ventures & Harnessing Global Growth Potential

Keynote Presentation

Sue Siegel
GE Ventures & healthymagination

Sue Siegel works on GE’s growth and innovation initiatives as CEO of two company-wide platforms: GE Ventures, which partners entrepreneurs with GE capabilities and investments, and healthymagination, which harnesses innovation and partnership to drive better health outcomes. Sue is a 25+ year industry leader with corporate and venture capital experience in growing technology companies in biomedical research and healthcare. Prior to joining GE, she was a General Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures. Sue has been featured in the bestselling business book: Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter and was recognized as one of “The 100 Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley.”

3:20 PM TO
4:00 PM

Innovation at Intuit: Culture of Experimentation

Keynote Presentation

How can mature companies teach themselves to move with the speed and agility of start-ups? To flourish in the innovation age, companies must change how decisions are made, and how leaders lead. Companies must empower employees at all levels to run fast, cheap experiments, and challenge them to bring that learning and data into the discussion, allowing the best ideas to win out. In this session, you will hear about Intuit’s own journey, and about the principles for any company, big or small, to create a culture where rapid experimentation and innovation can thrive.

Eileen Fagan
Vice President
Innovation & Transformational Change Programs

As Vice President of Innovation and Transformational Change Programs at Intuit, Eileen Fagan leads companywide programs to increase our innovation capability and strategic advantage. She helps the company adapt to continuing technology, economic, social and market changes as well as creating a culture of innovation at both the senior leadership and team level.

4:00 PM TO
4:45 PM

The Evolution of CVC: Dealing with Change

Discussion Topics:

  • New Rules/New Players
  • Restructuring Approaches
  • Measuring CVCs Value to the Organization
  • Tools to Manage CVP Practice

Jack Leeney
US Head of Investing & Portfolio Manager
Telefonica Ventures

Davorin Kuchan
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Capbridge Ventures

Ray Schuder
Managing Director

Toby Lewis
Global Corporate Venturing

4:45 PM TO
5:15 PM

CV&I Award Ceremony – Special Achievement Awards

IBF*International Business Forum will announce the nominees of the 16th Annual Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Special Achievement Awards.

Honors are extended by IBF to individuals who, during their lifetime and career, have made a significant, fundamental contribution to the growth and sustainability of corporate venturing and innovation partnerships through their vision, creativity, leadership, commitment and passion.

These individuals and their contributions have advanced or had a lasting impact on the industry, and a lifetime of achievement in intellectual and practical leadership supporting the sustainable growth of the corporate/start-up collaborative ecosystem.

Award Categories Include:

Exit Of The Year
Liquidity event (M&A, exit, IPO) fueled by corporate venture investment affording both strategic value and financial success to parent organization within the past 12-18 months.

Qualcomm Ventures: Waze sold for $1.1b to Google; Invensense, in which Qualcomm owned 7% at IPO in 2011, now reached $1.7b market cap.
Google Ventures: 75 new investments and achieved 10 exits during 2013 (Silver Spring Networks, RetailMeNot, and Foundation Medicine). Nest was most recently announced for 2014.
Novartis Ventures: Okairos sold for $325m to GSK.

Strategy/Value Creation Of The Year
The best corporate venture program to support product development, strategic investment and value creation in the past 12- 18 months.

SAP Ventures HANA Fund: more than doubled its size, with an initial target of 155m closing at 405m.
Qualcomm Ventures: Recognized based on the incubation of Vuforia (Qualcomm’s free computer vision software platform for developers).
Google Ventures: Honored based on the $200m investment into Uber.

Special Achievement Award
This honor will be extended to a corporate venture executive who has made notable contributions of outstanding significance to the CVC industry.

Arvind Sodhani, President – Intel Capital: Built and operates the largest CVC in the world.
Reinhard Ambros, Managing Director – Novartis Venture Fund: Drove the fund to be largest biotech CVC in the world.
Deborah C. Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer – Citigroup: Based on her role as Chief Innovation Officer, directly engaged with Citi’s venturing efforts.

5:15 PM TO
6:45 PM

Cocktail Reception

Hosted By:

Allegis Capital

Wednesday - February 12th

7:15 AM TO
9:00 AM

Breakfast Programming & Continental Breakfast

7:50 AM TO
8:15 AM

Breakfast CV&I Briefings

A series of breakfast briefings from a select group of organizations that will share their mission statements and initiatives from the stage.

7:50 – 8:00 am
Corporate Innovators Huddle

Rob Trice
Venture Partner – Swisscom Ventures
Co-Founder – Corporate Innovators Huddle

8:00 – 8:15 am
Alternative Liquidity Options & The Secondary Market

Benjamin Wilson
Managing Director
PEI Funds

8:15 AM TO
8:35 AM

The Future of Corporate Venturing Survey – Lux Research

Breakfast CV&I Reporting

Many large companies see corporate venture capital (CVC) as a key tool for gaining access to new technologies and getting insight into emerging trends – and hopefully earning a positive financial return while they’re at it. However, a changing financial, technology and market landscape is creating new challenges for CVCs. Conventional venture capital is contracting and retrenching to capital-light software-focused firms, backing away from the materials, cleantech, and industrial biotech deals where many CVCs would like to co-invest, while other funding sources like contests, conscious capital, and crowdfunding are growing – and will collectively surpass VC, as soon as 2014. Technology development is diversifying and globalizing, meaning that walking the halls at a few august institutions like MIT and Stanford no longer suffices to catch the rise of disruptive innovations. Meanwhile, in the face of macroeconomic uncertainty, the C-suite is pressing strategic functions like CVC to show more concrete and near-term value to the organization. Despite these challenges, powerful global megatrends like urbanization, ageing populations, resource constraints, and the changing energy landscape arguably make the opportunity – and the strategic imperative – for CVC stronger than ever.

Survey results, from a collaborative effort between IBF and Lux Research, will showcase findings collected from a global-cross section of executives in CVC. Insights and strategies for navigating this emerging landscape will be shared through coverage of the following topics:

  • Trends in deal size, stage and structure
  • Types and roles of syndicate partners
  • Direct investments vs. limited partnerships
  • Target industries and technology areas
  • Key sources of deal flow – organizations and geography
  • Strategic vs. financial goals
  • Internal relations with R&D and corporate tech scouts

Presentation by:
Michael Holman PhD
Research Director
Lux Research

8:35 AM TO
9:00 AM

Déjà Vu or Not? What the Statistics Say About CVC in 2014

CVC Datapoint Presentation

Presented By: NVCA

John Taylor
Head of Research

9:00 AM TO
10:25 AM

The Rules Of Engagement

Panel Discussion on Recent Approaches To Engage Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Activities

Chapter 1:
Back To Basics: The Veteran Approach

Elaine Jones
Executive Director
Venture Capital
Pfizer Venture Investments

Debbie Brackeen
Managing Director
Citi Ventures

Maxwell Kahn
Managing Director
Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Tracy Warren
General Partner
Battelle Ventures

Chapter 2:
When Opportunity Knocks: Newly Established Models and Growth Potential

Jenny Fielding
Head of Digital Ventures
BBC Labs
BBC Worldwide

Paul Lee

Raja Doddala
Managing Director

David Mes
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Arc Venture Partners

Bert Navarrete

Ian Goldstein
Drinker Biddle Reath

10:25 AM TO
10:55 AM

Entrepreneurs & Accelerators As Innovation Partners

An Insider's Guide and the Real Life Lessons Learned

The relatively recent proliferation of accelerator programs around the country has created a new breed of innovation partner – the entrepreneur. There are many benefits to working with this very creative, highly motivated and potentially disruptive group, but it is not without risk. In this session we will provide an in-depth, behind the scenes view of the real experiences that have produced results, both good and bad. We will provide case studies, deep insight and the strategies you need to know before making entrepreneur-based innovation partnering decisions. We will also share research collected from numerous accelerator programs around the country that affect an entrepreneur’s overall commercialization success and your partnering program.

Herb Sih
Managing Partner
Think Big Partners

10:55 AM TO
11:30 AM

Breakout Discussion Recap

This session will recap major themes and issues from the Day 1 Breakout Sessions. Selected breakout group moderators will participate in a panel highlighting learnings and recommended actions from their groups.

Patty Burke
Partner & Co-Founder

11:30 AM

Closing Comments

11:30 AM

Conference Adjourns